The Higher School
of the Montessori Method
AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) Training Center in Russia
Full professional course of the philosophy, theory, and practical aspects of Montessori pedagogy for children aged 3 to 6 (Casa dei Bambini) for Montessori teachers

AMI Diploma CASA dei BAMBINI to be granted
upon successful completion of the course
FEBRUARY 15, 2021 - FEBRUARY 10, 2023
blended modular format
Madlena Ulrich
Madlena Ulrich (Norway) - Montessori teacher with great experience, international trainer and expert, Director of AMI Training in Russia.
Madlena gives courses in many countries, she speaks several languages.
Gretchen Hall
course co-director, AMI trainer 3-6
Gretchen Hall (USA) has over 16 years of experience in Montessori Method as a teacher, administrator, consultant and lecturer in both the private and public sector. MA in Montessori Education, Course Director for AMI Training and Montessori School in Harford, CT.
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Lectures and practical sessions of the course fully meet the AMI standard. Throughout the course, students receive knowledge under the guidance of an AMI trainer - an international expert in Montessori pedagogy and modern scientific approaches to education.
The internationally recognized AMI Diploma has great prestige all over the world.
Scientific theoretical knowledge and the most reliable modern information about the Montessori approach - complete Montessori theoretical AMItraining is accompanied by lectures on psychophysiology and social development of children aged 3-6, which gives the teacher the most important tools in working with children - a deep understanding of their basic needs.
Mastering presentations with Montessori materials under the direct supervision of a trainer allows you to clarify all the smallest details and nuances and acquire this professional Montessori teacher's tool perfectly.
Pedagogical practice under the guidance of AMI teachers provides an opportunity to gain the best practical experience for further independent work with children.
The prepared environment of the Training Center is completely ready for all the necessary activities on the course - a complete set of Montessori materials in their ideal conditions, including a full set of materials of the Russian language, culture and art; library with books necessary for reading during the course; media equipment for lectures; tools for making materials, including a sewing machine, etc.
Making materials during the course is a requirement that turns into a flight of imagination and the application of a variety of students' talents. A Montessori teacher should be able to do everything, to create the necessary materials for their class in accordance with Montessori principles, culture and aesthetics, and meet the needs of real children in the class.
Transformative experience - observing the free work of children in a Montessori AMI class 3-6 in a prepared environment of Casa dei bambini helps to understand deeper the ideas of Maria Montessori and to do the internal work to form a Prepared adult who can help the Child to realize his inner potential.
A complete scheme of the Russian language with all materials and exercises, a carefully verified sequence, logic and relationships. Our course is the only one in the world that provides an official outline of the Russian language for the 3-6 class according to the AMI standard.
The Russian language is given in parallel with
the English one, that gives students an even greater understanding of the language structure of both languages, and an additional tool for creating a bilingual environment!
At our course, students create a complete album of Culture with materials for geography, history, human life, scientific knowledge with experiments, fine arts, artistic creativity, language of music, etc.
Magnificent St. Petersburg and the friendly atmosphere of the Montessori community - we not only study, but also celebrate holidays, travel, and have fun together! We create professional contacts based on the principles of cooperation and mutual support that will remain forever, helping the professional development of our graduates.
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